Fed by the glacial-melt of the Eastern Himalayas, the rivers of Bhutan are crystal clear. The six major rivers (Wang Chhu, Sunkosh, Puna Tsang Chhu, Mangde Chhu, Kuri Chhu and Dangme Chhu and their tributaries) have been scouted for kayaking and rafting. Adventure sports like rafting and kayaking are relatively recent introductions to Bhutan, but they are gaining in popularity very rapidly.

The pristine natural setting and the sheer variety of the rivers’ courses provides a unique opportunity to explore Bhutan’s beautiful wilderness. Adventurous travelers will not be disappointed by the rugged, untamed waterways of Bhutan. The rivers are plentiful with strong currents varying between slow, gentle flows in some places and powerful, raging torrents can be found throughout the country.


Our rafting and kayaking guides are well trained and will do everything to ensure that you enjoy the adventure while minimizing the risks. The rivers of Bhutan were first surveyed for potential routes for water sports in 1997 by Gerry Mofatt and Peter Knowles, both experienced rafters/kayakers at the invitation of the Royal Government and the Department of Tourism.

They trained the first batch of Bhutanese river-guides and conducted surveys to grade the rivers. Since then, other rivers have been surveyed including the Punatsang Chhu, Manas and Amo Chhu. TCB guidelines ensure that all operators use well maintained professional equipment and maintain a reasonable guide-client ratio.

7 Days/6 Nights  Adventure and Cultural Trip Highlights:

  • Hike to Tiger’s Nest in Paro
  • Visit Farm House
  • Visit Monastery and some Museums
  • Rafting
  • Visit weekend market(Friday, Saturday and Sunday only)
  • Visit Craft Bazaar
  • Visit Rhododendron Park in Spring (March to May)


DAY I:  Arrive at Paro. Drive to Thimphu, half day sightseeing in Thimphu. Overnight in Thimphu.

DAY II: Sightseeing and hike in Thimphu. Overnight in Thimphu.

DAY III: Drive to Punakha/Wangdue with sightseeing en route and hike and visit the botanical garden. Overnight in Punakha/Wangdue.

DAY IV: Rafting and sightseeing in Punakha/Wangdue. Overnight in Punakha/Wangdue.

DAY V: Drive to Paro valley and some sightseeing in Paro. Overnight in Paro.

DAY VI: Hike and sightseeing in Paro. Overnight in Paro.

DAY VII: Depart from Paro Airport.

Kayaking and Rafting Routes

Paro Chhu (Bondey – Isuna Bridge)
Location: Paro Valley, Western Bhutan
Length: Approximately 10 km (3 hours)
Difficulty: Class III-IV
Flow: About 500 cfs
Season: March – April
Craft: Kayaks recommended due to narrow and steep rapids

Upper Pho Chhu (Wangthangkha – Samdingkha)
Location: Punakha Valley, Western Bhutan
Length: Approximately 7 km (2 hours)
Difficulty: Class III-IV
Flow: 2000 -3000 cfs
Season: March – April, October – November
Craft: Kayaks and Rafts

Mo Chhu – Tashitang Devil’s Gorge Section (Tashithang- Below Punakha Dzong)
Location: Punakha Valley, Western Bhutan
Length: 12 km, 5 -7 hours with scouting
Difficulty: Class V
Flow: 1000 cfs
Season: February/December.
Craft: Kayaks only (too steep for rafts)
(Caution: Higher than medium flows makes this run dangerous. High water runs are not recommended for amateurs)

Mangde Chhu – Upper Section (Yundo Choling Palace- Langthel)
Location: Trongsa, Central Bhutan
Length: Approximately 5 km (2 hours with scouting)
Difficulty: Class IV
Flows: Approximately 3000 cfs
Season: March – April, November – December
Craft: Kayaks

Contact us for details and itinerary. Our experts will get in touch with you and customize your itinerary.

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