Bhutan Tourism

btechnophiles_chenray_aboutbhutan_bhutan tourismBhutan…happiness is being at a pristine place…

With the formulation of Tourism Regulation in 1971 tourism development is viewed as a strategic move to enhance employment in the private sector. In the initial days the number of visitors was few; later on visitors count increased to 100 thousand a year. After tourists started visiting the kingdom, improvements in the infrastructure have been suggested but the Royal Government of Bhutan doesn’t want the state to be spoiled by technological and infrastructural improvements. Bhutan’s unique and virtually unspoiled landscape and culture is still being integral with it. However, the tourism sector has been privatized in 1991 and after that almost 1300 licensed private companies have emerged to add significant developments in the sector. Expansion of familiarization tours for tourists and foreign-based tour operators helped widely to market the nation. With over 10% of annual growth in the tourism, it is making a significant contribution to nation’s GDP.

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